Start Planning Now!

Enroll in the best college leadership course the University of Arizona has to offer!

Army ROTC is an open enrollment elective with no commitment or contract requirement until you qualify, or earn a scholarship. Enter into the program as a student, and graduate as a commissioned leader with no student debt, and a well paying job with incredible health insurance.

Things you must do to prepare for your future:


  • Strengthen SAL (Scholar, Athlete, Leader) qualities
  • High School students apply for National ROTC scholarship after HS Junior year at www.goarmy.com
  • College students contact Mr. Rich Garn. 
  • Identify academic status and graduation date
  • Compete for campus based scholarships
  • Focus on GPA and Physical Fitness (Strength and Conditioning)
  • Reservist can contact Mr. Rich Garn, and make chain of command aware of ROTC interest
  • Compete for campus based on reservist scholarship
  • Out of State students may join the National Guard or Reserves and receive in-state tuition
  • Sign up for the best class you can take in college and get paid while going to school!


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  • How to Enroll from the University of Arizona