Army Athletic Training Services

Our Athletic Training Services welcome cadets enrolled in the University of Arizona Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Program, and Pima Community College, who are interested in attaining a healthier, active lifestyle, and rehabilitation services. This service provides our cadets with immediate and cost-free access to an on-site allied health care professional.

Our Wildcat Battalion is staffed with an athletic trainer, Jared Gerez. He is a nationally certified and Arizona state-licensed athletic trainer who also carries an emergency medical technician license. Athletic trainers are experts in the assessment, acute treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. Athletic trainers have the education and skillset to develop individualized treatment plans and exercise prescriptions for our injured cadets that they can perform in lieu of regular physical training during their recovery. Having an athletic trainer on staff is essential in getting our injured cadets healthy and back to full participation as fast as possible.

In addition to the on-site evaluation and treatment of injuries, ailments, or medical conditions that arise during ROTC physical training hours Jared provides education on exercise and healthcare to our cadets. He also stands as a referral gateway for our cadets to receive specialized medical consultation at the university through the Campus Health department.

Campus Health can provide our cadets access to primary care board-certified sports medicine physicians as well as other allied health care providers and services. Some of these services include:

Sports Medicine: (520) 621-6490 

Physical Therapy: (520) 621-9169

Orthopedics: (520) 626-6363

Counseling & Psych Services (CAPS): 24/7: (520) 621-3334

Nutrition: (520) 621-9202

Radiology: (520) 621-6485

Pharmacy: (520) 621-6516