Our Strengths

Agile and Adaptable Leaders

Become a leader of your peers through simulated battlefield applications.

Physical Fitness

Push your limits through a challenging but fulfilling physical fitness regimen. 

Tactical Expertise

Plan, prepare, and execute operations in urban and rural terrain. Conduct a capstone force on force exercise using simulated munitions.


Make the most of your college experience alongside the best and brightest Wildcats!

Teambuilding Opportunities

Learn to trust yourself, and your teammates to overcome life’s challenges.

Army Schools

Compete to attend Army training such as Airborne or Air Assault school, and other professional development opportunities during your summers.

UPDATED COVID-19 Guidance Links


Please visit the following websites to get the most update-to-date guidance from the Department of Defense and the University of Arizona.

Department of Defense



University of Arizona


If you have any questions please reach out to your cadre!
Stay Safe. BEAR DOWN!